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Eilat Hotels

An unforgettable romantic or family vacation

Eilat, the hot southern city, is one of the hottest destinations in Israel and attracts tourists from Israel and around the world. Every Israeli knows this – when you want to go on a pampering vacation in Israel and feel a different atmosphere on the street – a vacation in Eilat is exactly what is appropriate. A vacation in Eilat allows us to truly disconnect from the things that bother us on a daily basis, and simply enjoy summer weather and countless attractions for tourists in this light and vibrant city.

Going on vacation in Eilat? Wisely choose a hotel in Eilat

While in other destinations the choice of hotel may be less significant, in a vacation in Eilat the hotel is what makes the vacation. To really enjoy a vacation it is important to choose a hotel wisely – the hotel is the main place where we spend the vacation and it is a shame to spend a lot of money on a hotel and end up disappointed.

This is how you will choose the perfect hotel for a vacation in Eilat

Choosing a hotel in Eilat is not always easy, especially in light of the fact that there are a number of hotels in Eilat and it is not always easy to choose from them. However, a proper definition of the vacation and what you are looking for can help you:

Choice according to the purpose of the vacation : Eilat attracts tourists for all sorts of reasons. Many tourists travel to Eilat for a tummy tuck vacation, others are interested in the various attractions in the city while others generally travel to Eilat to dive in the spectacular sea in the city. The purpose of the vacation will affect the choice of hotel – for example, if you travel to Eilat mainly for attractions, the location of the hotel is very important and on the other hand if we want to do a tummy tuck vacation, the services the hotel offers us take up more space.

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION : The location is also chosen according to the nature of our vacation. The main location is the north coast and the south coast.
On the north coast are most of the hotels in Eilat, and in this area there are many attractions, restaurants, shops and a variety of entertainment venues – so if you come to celebrate and enjoy a city without a break, it is recommended to choose a hotel on the north coast. On the other hand, on the southern coast you can overlook the spectacular desert landscape of Eilat and enjoy a variety of attractions that will connect you to nature and landscapes such as the underwater observatory, the dolphin reef, diving sites, nature reserves and more.

Services offered by the hotel : The services that hotels offer are especially important during back-to-back vacations but not only. Relevant services that can greatly affect your vacation: the rooms and private bathrooms, indoor pool and outdoor pool, health and spa centers with massages, hammam, saunas and more.
• Comparison of tourist sites: Sites that specialize in tourism and hotels such as Booking and Tripadvisor rate hotels according to surfers’ experiences and this is a good indication of what you are likely to get in hotels. Check ratings and read reviews.

Budget : Obviously the hotel we choose should meet budget constraints. A possible way to save on a budget is to go for an all-inclusive hotel, which allows you to control your expenses. Alternatively, indulge in boutique hotels with huge rooms and extra services.

The list of hotels recommended by guests in Eilat is below this paragraph.
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Orchid Eilat

Crowne Plaza Eilat

Royal Shangri-La Eilat

Solei Boutique Hotel Eilat

The Reef Eilat

Dan Hotel Eilat

Agamim Isrotel

Royal Beach Eilat

Herods Boutique Hotel Eilat

Club Hotel Eilat

Isrotel Lagoon

Herods Palace Hotel

Isrotel Riviera Club

Herods Vitalis Hotel Eilat

Yam Suf Isrotel

Isrotel King Solomon

Isrotel Royal Garden

Isrotel Sports Club

Eilat Hotels: The best hotels in Eilat

Especially for you, we have brought a number of recommendations for the best hotels in Eilat that have been rated highly by surfers and are considered high-class hotels.

Club Hotel Eilat

Club Hotel Eilat is located on Arava Street, less than a 5-minute walk from the sea and the mall facing the sea. The hotel is spread over an area of ​​40 dunams, and includes a large water park as well as 6 swimming pools, a water slide, a children’s pool and tropical gardens. Rooms have air conditioning, a fully equipped kitchenette and a seating area, and some rooms have a jacuzzi on the balcony. The hotel’s restaurant offers breakfast and dinner, and you can have lunch in the lobby restaurant. Enjoy the wellness and spa area, which includes a well-equipped gym, hot tubs, sauna and treatment rooms.

The hotel is located on the north coast in a phenomenal location facing the Red Sea. The luxurious rooms at the hotel overlook the sea or the swimming pool, are decorated in turquoise tones and feature a plasma screen and a luxurious bathroom. The swimming pool has a unique shape and includes a water slide. Enjoy a variety of facilities such as squash courts, a hot tub and a wellness center. Kids can enjoy a variety of activities at the Daniland Club run by a professional staff. The hotel has a rich breakfast buffet, as well as restaurants and bars serving drinks and gourmet menus.

Queen of Sheba Eilat

The hotel is located on Entebbe Street on the north coast and overlooks the Red Sea. The hotel is close to the promenade and a 2-minute walk from the beach. This is one of the unique and impressive hotels in Eilat and offers a range of quality and pampering facilities: the Executive Lounge where you can work, 4 restaurants, a spa center that includes a sauna, a steam room, a hot tub and a fitness center. The hotel has a mall and a swimming pool overlooking the sea.

Isrotel King Solomon

The hotel is located on the north coast right on the lagoon, close to a variety of attractions, shops, restaurants and cafes. This large, family-friendly hotel offers a selection of activities for children throughout the day as well as free Wi-Fi. The hotel offers attractive services for families such as a large swimming pool, entertainment, computer games and babysitting services. The hotel also offers a great Italian restaurant, gym and spa and wellness center. The hotel rooms and suites feature air conditioning, a private and pampering bathroom with toiletries and a balcony overlooking the spectacular views of the Red Mountains or the swimming pool. The hotel offers a rich Israeli breakfast every morning.

Isrotel Royal Garden

The hotel is located on the north shore of the lagoon area and is surrounded by green gardens. The suites feature air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, seating areas and designer wooden furniture. The hotel’s main restaurant serves a rich Israeli breakfast and buffets for lunch and dinner each morning. The hotel offers a gym and spa, 5 free-design pools and a gourmet restaurant.

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