Attractions and Shopping in Eilat

Come and enjoy a rich variety of attractions in Eilat for all ages. Boating and water sports, trips in Eilat, outdoor activities, abseiling, razor trips, Stalbet and many more surprises. The perfect vacation in Eilat with a variety of attractions, activities, a rich variety of trips, shopping and more.

Dolphin Reef

A Different Kind of Encounter at the Dolphin Reef

Natural atmosphere, magical views of the Dolphin Reef. Amazing place, quiet, cozy and courteous staff. To the information and reservation center: 08-6300111

Underwater Observation

The Underwater Observatory in Eilat

Come and discover the secrets of the Red Sea experiences and a rich variety of activities. To the information and reservation center: 08-63642

Mosh Beach in Eilat

The Beach of Mosh a Relaxing Music and Delicious Food

A wonderful and beautiful beach different from all the beaches in Eilat, an amazing view and a feeling of freedom.

Nautilus Red Sea

Introductory dives, guided dives and refresher dives, private and small group courses, veteran and experienced instructors. Custom service. For details: 0737617700

Wakeboard in Eilat

Fly on The Water

Boating and water sports tours in Eilat Water sports, snorkeling and diving equipment, motor boat tours, water skiing, extreme boating and more. 050-4454458

Wind Surfing in Eilat

Surf Center

A variety of sailing and water sports tours in Eilat Surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing, equipment rental and more. 08-6371602

Jeep Tours in Eilat

Shanti Tours

A unique experience of a trip in the desert. Jeep tours are combined with a walk in one of the most fascinating deserts in the world. Trips for individuals and groups. Trips to Jordan, Petra, Wadi Ram, combined trips with walking sections and more. 054-2213336

Desert Tours in Eilat

Eco Desert Tours in Eilat

Excursions in Eilat, jeep tours in the Timna Park, in the Red Mall, in Hai Bar, camel rides, hiking and abseiling. Trips to Petra and Jordan from Eilat. 08-6326477

RZR in Eilat

Razors at the Eilat Farm

Razors at the Eilat Farm Bouncy razor trips for the whole family, self-driving between the cliffs and wadis of the Eilat Mountains Reserve. 053-2233063

Sky Diving Eilat

Sky Dive in Eilat

An experiential and enjoyable flight in the spectacular view of the Gulf of Eilat, to fly a plane with a particularly powerful experience over the bay. The most sought-after attraction in Eilat is skydiving over the shores of the bay.

Rope Park in Eilat

Rope Park in Eilat

The ropes park in Eilat, sports and fun for the whole family and the experience is unforgettable. The complex is suitable for children and adults, a sports experience and an unforgettable challenging pleasure. 08-9754200

Eilat Tours

The Arava Way

Nature reserves and a variety of attractions, workshops for body and mind, amazing parks, spectacular sunsets and sunrises, sky with talcum powder of stars. 08-6616976

Mul Hayam Mall

Mul Hayam Mall

Shopping experience in Eilat. The mall is accessible to the disabled in all public areas, there is an underground car park and a variety of shops for electrical appliances, fashion, jewelry, sports, footwear and more. 08-6340006

Big Eilat Mall

Big Shopping Mall in Eilat

The Big Eilat Mall is a major shopping site in the city, containing about 50 fashion stores, housewares, electricity and more. 08-6338091

Ice Mall Eilat

A shopping center with a non-slip surface and dozens of the best brand and designer stores in the country and the world that provide a VAT-free shopping experience. 08-6379552

Red Eilat Shopping Center

Red Shopping Center in Eilat

The Red Complex is a shopping center on the waterfront of Eilat, adjacent to the Ice Mall, the La Boulevard shopping center and the promenade in Eilat. In the complex you will find restaurants, fashion stores, toys and a supermarket. 050-2561022