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Hotels in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is no longer a destination. It is the capital and largest city in Israel both in terms of area and population and is a holy city for the three monotheistic religions and microcosm of Israeli society as a whole. A vacation in Jerusalem combines the past and the future, between religion and secularism, between sitting in prestigious chef restaurants and visits to religious sites in the Old City. Interested in closing a vacation in Jerusalem and do not know which hotel to choose? We came to help.

A variety of hotels in Jerusalem – how do we find the right hotel?

The choice of hotel depends on your taste and the nature of the trip you are interested in. We will detail a bit about various parameters that can help you choose:

Location: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION This is a cliché we are all familiar with but it does not make it wrong. If you are not interested in a tummy tuck all day (and in Jerusalem we usually want to go out) the location of the hotel is very important during the vacation. In Jerusalem there are good hotels in a variety of areas – the city center, the Mamilla area and King David, the entrance to Jerusalem and more.
Price: The price of a night in a hotel can be a few hundred shekels and can even reach 1,500 shekels per night. The choice depends on your budget and the nature of the holiday – for example, if you are interested in spending most of the day outside and also eating out, it may be worth saving. Alternatively, if you are interested in a high standard hotel and indulge in your life you will have to pay more.
Hotel size and character: You will find from large hotels to boutique hotels in Jerusalem. It is entirely a matter of preference and taste.
Ratings and recommendations: A variety of websites make the job of choosing a hotel much easier – sites such as Booking or Tripadvisor encourage holidaymakers to leave a review after the hotel, and the hotels on these sites are ranked accordingly.

The best hotels in Jerusalem

We have collected especially for you the best hotels in Jerusalem. The hotels on the list are rated high in resorts, and varied in terms of price.

Inbal Hotel Jerusalem
Hotel located in a great location on 3 Jabotinsky Street, near the Bell Garden and Mishkenot Sha’ananim and a short walk from the city center and the Old Town. The hotel has spa facilities, a pool, saunas, massage rooms, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, an outdoor swimming pool and more.

Waldorf Astoria Hotel Jerusalem
Located at 26-28 Agron Street, in the city center and near Mamilla. Housed in a building that combines Greco-Roman, Ottoman and Gothic motifs. Rooms are equipped with a 46-inch LED TV, minibar, coffee maker and pampering bathroom. The hotel has two restaurants, a large ballroom that can be divided and a lounge for cocktails and receptions. Considered one of the most prestigious hotels in Jerusalem.

Villa in the colony
A boutique hotel housed in a historic building in the German Colony, at Joshua Ben Nun 13. The hotel offers free bicycle service and free Wi-Fi. At the hotel you can combine to relax in the charming garden, and enjoy the beautiful rooms suitable for couples and the proximity to the bustling Emek Refaim Street.

Herbert Samuel Hotel
The hotel is suitable for those who want to stay in the heart of things, right in the city center on Zion Square at 25 Shamai Street. The hotel boasts a wellness center with sauna and indoor pool, and offers luxurious accommodation. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi and has one restaurant serving lunch and dinner. The rooms are air-conditioned, luxurious and with an elegant and unique design.

Orient Jerusalem from Isrotel Hotels
Located on Emek Refaim Street 3 in the German Colony, 1.5 km from the city center and Jaffa Gate. The hotel offers a wellness area with 2 swimming pools and free Wi-Fi. Rooms are air conditioned and feature a TV screen, a pampering bathroom Hotel and pamper yourself in the sauna, hot tub and hammam the hotel offers.

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The American Colony Hotel

Herbert Samuel Jerusalem Hotel

Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem Hotel

King David Hotel Jerusalem

Orient Jerusalem by Isrotel

Mamilla Hotel Jerusalem

Alegra Boutique Hotel

Villa Brown Jerusalem

The David Citadel Hotel

Jerusalem’s Complex History

Jerusalem is a city with a rich and complex history that stretches back thousands of years. It is considered a holy city by three major world religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Because of its religious significance, Jerusalem has been the site of many conflicts and battles throughout history.

The earliest known settlements in Jerusalem date back to around 4000 BCE. The city was initially a small Canaanite village, but it eventually grew in size and importance. In around 1000 BCE, King David conquered Jerusalem and made it the capital of the Israelite kingdom. During this time, the city became an important religious and political center for the Jewish people.

In 586 BCE, the Babylonians conquered Jerusalem and destroyed the first Temple, which had been built by King Solomon. The Jewish people were exiled to Babylon and the city was left in ruins. However, in 538 BCE, the Persians conquered Babylon and allowed the Jewish people to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple. This second Temple was completed in 515 BCE and remained an important religious site for the Jewish people for over 500 years.

In 63 BCE, the Roman Empire conquered Jerusalem and the second Temple was destroyed. The Jewish people were again exiled and the city was renamed Aelia Capitolina. During this time, the Roman Empire suppressed Jewish religious practices and the city became a Roman colony.

In the 4th century CE, Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity and made it the official religion of the Roman Empire. He ordered the construction of churches in Jerusalem, including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, which is believed to be the site of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Jerusalem became an important pilgrimage site for Christians.

In 638 CE, the Islamic Arab empire conquered Jerusalem and it became an important religious site for Muslims. The Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque were built on the Temple Mount, which is considered to be the third holiest site in Islam.

In 1099 CE, the Christian Crusaders conquered Jerusalem and established a Christian kingdom. They also destroyed much of the city’s Islamic and Jewish religious sites. The Crusaders were eventually driven out of the city by the Muslim armies in 1187 CE.

In the centuries that followed, Jerusalem was ruled by a succession of different empires and kingdoms. In 1517, the Ottoman Empire conquered Jerusalem and ruled the city for over 400 years. During this time, the city’s population was primarily Muslim, with small Christian and Jewish communities.

In 1917, the British army captured Jerusalem during World War I. The British mandate in Palestine lasted until 1948, when the State of Israel was established. In the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, Jordan captured East Jerusalem and the Old City, and Israel captured West Jerusalem.

In 1967, during the Six-Day War, Israel captured East Jerusalem and the Old City, reuniting the city under Israeli control. This event is considered a major turning point in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Today, Jerusalem is a city of great religious, cultural, and historical significance. It is home to many important religious sites, including the Western Wall, the Dome of the Rock, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The city also boasts a vibrant and diverse population, with a rich mix of cultures and religions. Despite its history of conflict and tension, Jerusalem remains a city of great beauty and importance to people all over the world.

Hotel Deals in Jerusalem

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Jerusalem is no longer a destination. It is the capital and largest city in Israel both in terms of area and population and is a holy city for the three monotheistic religions and microcosm of Israeli society as a whole.

Jerusalem is a destination, but it’s also more than that. It is the capital and largest city in Israel both in terms of area and population, and it’s a holy city for the three monotheistic religions (Christianity, Judaism and Islam) — making it a fascinating blend of the past and future. Jerusalem makes for an interesting trip to anyone looking to visit both religious sites as well as local restaurants serving celebrity chef dishes.

Can Jerusalem be a destination? Everything fascinates in this city: the past and the future, religion and secularism. It is a city that combines all these aspects. And what is better than visiting religious sites in the Old City?

Jerusalem is a city that’s rich in history and full of potential. Explore its history through its monuments, tour the city on a Segway or bike ride, visit the famous Mahane Yehuda market and try local dishes such as falafel and shwarma.

There is so much to do and so little time to do it.

Enjoy the finest cuisine that Israel has to offer, from local Israeli street food to the top chef menus.

Meet the entertainment scene, clubs, bars and live shows in Jerusalem.