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The beaches in Tel Aviv stretch from Herzliya to Bat Yam, about 14 km. Please note: bathing without the supervision of lifeguards is extremely dangerous and strictly forbidden! Attractions in Tel Aviv, the city abounds in attractions, museums, restaurants, malls, playgrounds and diverse complexes The best restaurants in Tel Aviv of all types and flavors

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Hotels in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the place to rest if you are looking for an urban vacation in a vibrant and lively city. In the cultural and economic capital of Israel, you can enjoy a nightlife that is rare in Israel and the entire Middle East, be exposed to extraordinary culinary experiences or just sit and drink beer in one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Vacationers in Tel Aviv have a variety of hotels to choose from at a wide range of prices. In this guide we will help you find the right hotel, and we will recommend the best hotels in Tel Aviv in our opinion.

The guide to finding the perfect hotel in Tel Aviv

It is not always easy to find a hotel, certainly not today that there are many options and hotels offer a variety of services that were less common than before. To find the right hotel it is advisable to examine different characteristics:
Location: Wherever vacations location is an important factor, but in Tel Aviv it is especially important. Tel Aviv has so much to offer and choosing a hotel located close to our favorite attractions is very worthwhile. Luckily, Tel Aviv is a relatively small city and many places are very easy to reach in a short walk, but it is still important to check that the hotel is not located too far from everything interesting in the city.
Services offered: Staying at the hotel is our time to indulge and enjoy as we do not routinely enjoy. Try to think about what is especially important to you that the hotel will offer and what could significantly upgrade your vacation. There are services that are already at the standard level – for example a hotel in Tel Aviv with a pool, wifi, air conditioning in this room as the base. Other services are also becoming more and more common, whether for free or for a fee: spa, massages, gym, hammam and the like.
Sea access: Hotels in Tel Aviv by the sea give us a different experience from the city. The beach strip in Tel Aviv is beautiful and inspiring, and if you are people of the sea it can greatly upgrade your vacation.
• Price: Price is a factor that most of us cannot ignore. Although the prices of hotels in Tel Aviv are not low, it is always possible to find affordable packages and in the end the value we receive is worth it. Even if you are not interested in spending a very large amount with a hotel you will end up finding relatively cheap hotels where you can spend your vacation and enjoy.
Ratings and recommendations on the Internet: Various websites allow users to rate the hotels they have stayed in and share their experiences. When there is a high number of reviews this is already a reliable indication of whether it is worth staying at the hotel or not.

Hotels in Tel Aviv – tasting the best in the city

There is no shortage of great hotels in the city, and not all of them will appear on this list. Nevertheless, we have collected a number of recommendations for you, all of which were rated high on tourist sites and divided them into three price categories: low, medium and high. It is important to note that prices are not fixed, and on a given day you may see hotels listed in other price categories.

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